Pentathlon 1.0

Turn your thumb into an athlete


  • Great 1980's graphics and sound
  • 5 games in one - lot's of variation


  • Very hard on the keyboard
  • Gameplay difficulty too high

Very good

Remember that classic arcade game "Track and Field" from the 1980's? Well imagine it on a phone and you've got Pentathlon. I'm a sport's junkie so I really enjoyed this game and the only thing you'll have to worry about is how much your thumb can take.

The Pentathlon challenge consists of 5 sports - 100 Meters, Long Jump, 110 Meters hurdles, Javelin and Swimming. In each event, you compete against 5 other athletes in your bid for the gold medal. The graphics and sound are straight out of the 80's - anyone who hung around amusement arcades back in the day will recognise more than just a few. Don't underestimate the damage this game can do to your keyboard though - especially hurdling which requires lightning fast fingers plus an extra one to jump.

The major downside was the level of difficulty which I found way too high. I didn't manage to win a single event although this didn't really ruin my enjoyment of the game. The Javelin in particular proved completely impossible although if you've got a few hours on your hands, this game will certainly kill them.

Pentathlon consists of 5 athletic challenges to test your thumb dexterity to the limit.

Sprinting, Long Jump, Hurdles, Javelin and Swimming await contestants in their bid for the gold medal. Are you up to the challenge?

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Pentathlon 1.0

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